Author: atyler

pfSense and OSPF

Hi everyone, I’ve just been through some lab scenarios involving the pfSense firewall with OSPF and thought I would share. I am really starting to like pfSense, the ability to install this firewall/router solution on 3rd party hardware or into a virtual machine has really helped in the lab. I’ve even purchased a physical appliance […]

pCPU vs vCPU Capacity Planning with VMware

I am finally getting around to digging into our datacenter environment and looking at capacity planning.. I wanted to know how many “logical” processors were in the environment compared to how many virtual CPUs I have allocated. I found the base of this script just searching around the internet and modified the math to multiply […]

IPv6 and reality

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research lately regarding the practicality of implementing IPv6 into production networks and I’ve got to say that at this point there are still some pretty big questions to be answered.  I’ve reached out to a few other blogs and vendors and have yet to really get a straight […]