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It’s really an unfortunate experience when you find a product that you love, standardize on it, and then witness the company drive it into the ground. This appears to be exactly the case with Ubiquiti and their Unifi Wireless Access Points over the past year or so. Spend just a few minutes on their forums and you begin to witness the absolute frustration from their customer base, enjoy the following screenshots from their latest firmware release 4.3.28..


I discovered Unifi APs a few years ago and began deploying them widely at home and in the field. Their was a manual aspect to them in that the controller was self hosted, it wasn’t as easy as plugging something in like Meraki for example. However, there was no annual renewal fee and I’m a technical person who was able to get through the complexity without a problem. They were great access points for a long time, just worked with everything and I began to standardize on them.

It seems with the release of the firmware branch 4.3.x that all changed. I don’t feel I am exaggerating by saying the products coming out of Ubiquiti today are absolute garbage. I would not recommend them to anyone. They are using customers as beta testers, support is a black hole, and current customers are left with useless hardware.

It seems the latest recommendation from the community is to downgrade to a firmware release from January of 2020, build 4.0.80. Here is a link for those who are interested in downloading.


You can manually downgrade your APs by using the AP config screen from your controller. Click the AP, then the gear icon, “Manage Device”, then finally choose “Custom Upgrade”.

I’m not sure if the brains behind the operation at Ubiquiti just moved on or what, but I for one am not amused. I am sure all of us who have large deployments view this as a sign to move away from Ubiquiti as a vendor entirely, it’ll just take some time. Hopefully the 4.0.80 firmware won’t pose any huge security vulnerabilities until we can get all of this hardware ripped out of our networks.

Adam Tyler

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